To manage

Do you own an apartment, commercial premises, car park, building… empty or occupied?

Entrust us with its management through the management mandate! This document defines the framework of our action and allows us to represent you with the tenant, syndic and administration. A turnkey rental income, without having to take care of anything? Use our property management service at 6% excl. tax of the sums collected incl. tax!

Our missions

The owner service

Each month

  • Collection of rents
  • Verification and payment of condominium fees and invoices
  • Transfer to the net rental account

Each quarter

  • A detailed statement of all operations (income/expenses)

Every year

  • Rent reviews
  • Recovery of TOMs
  • Clearance of rental charges
  • Declaration of property income

Whenever needed

  • Renewal of leases, leave to the tenant
  • State of entry and exit
  • Monitoring of works

Rental monitoring


  • Follow-up of the tenant and the rented property
  • Collection of rents and their revaluation
  • Breakdown of rental charges


  • Rent assessment
  • Organization and follow-up of visits
  • Warranty checks and tenant selection
  • Drafting of the rental lease and annexes
  • Establishment of an inventory


  • Unpaid rent guarantee

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